All life depends on land and water. Land preservation plays a critical role in our future.


A thoughtful program of land protection benefits our community in many specific ways:


By protecting our water supply

Targeted conservation work preserves wetlands, forests, and fields that absorb rainwater. It creates buffer zones and water recharge areas along rivers, streams, and creeks, reducing flooding and filtering contaminants from the environment.


By supporting our quality of life

Land protection is a critical tool in the effort to maintain our rural character. Thoughtful planning controls sprawl, reduces traffic, and protects beautiful landscapes and historic areas.


By supporting farms

Protecting land keeps agricultural land in production, farms in business, and secures a source of local, healthy food. And it prevents unthoughtful development.


By protecting wildlife habitat

Our varied landscapes provide diverse habitat for a wide variety of species, including some classified as endangered and threatened. Many species require large, contiguous tracts of land to survive. Strategic conservation assures the survival of imperiled species.


By moderating property taxes

Residential development can cost local taxpayers more in government services than it generates in new tax revenue. Conserving land vulnerable to development helps to stabilize the tax rate and minimizes development’s negative effects--increased traffic, reduced recreation space, pollution, and loss of historic and biologically significant areas.





Protecting our rural character and natural resources

                   through community-based land conservation.



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