Stewardship is a set of practices that maintain or improve the natural or agricultural values of the land...




A conservation easement is only the first step in the land preservation process. Stewardship is the next step. Stewardship means working alongside landowners to carefully look after the conserved land so that it is sustained or enhanced for future generations. Annual monitoring visits to the easements we hold is one aspect of stewardship; it also includes outreach to easement owners and other conservation-minded landowners, and the community at large. The Conservancy acts as a resource for landowners and residents, offering information, connections to national resource professionals, and advice for property owners, as well as frequent tours of conserved land for the broader community.


Long-term stewardship is important for many reasons, among them:


  • The Conservancy wants to be proactive and encourage good land management, which will improve the environment for everyone.
  • The Conservancy has a growing number of easements to oversee and monitor.
  • The rigorous requirements of accreditation require an increasing stewardship role for land conservancies.


For more information on how you can be a better steward of your land, please explore our Resources Page, or contact Kelly Germann, Resource Protection Manager for the Conservancy at 610-294-1077 or


Protecting our rural character and natural resources

                   through community-based land conservation.


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