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Tohickon Creek Property Protected


December 20, 2017 - Paul Coleman and Charlene Koretz wanted to protect their Tohickon Creek property several years ago, but the cost associated with donating the conservation easement was more than they felt they could incur.


However, last year they were approached again by Norm MacArthur, Chair of the Tinicum Township Land Preservation Committee, and Jim Engel, executive director of the Tinicum Conservancy, with a new financial incentive that made their wishes possible: the Tinicum Township Supervisors had recently passed a resolution agreeing to reimburse landowners for the costs associated with completing conservation easements.


This was exactly what Paul and Charlene were hoping for, and on December 14th they signed the conservation easement. The agreement permanently protects their property, including more than 700 feet of the creek, from future over-development.



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